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Anello and Ingranaggio by Gessi: a game of interlocking mechanics

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Ingranaggio by Gessi is a game of interlocking mechanics, precious and current, suitable for any stylistic solution. The bathroom is the space in which to recover energy relating to ourselves and reclaim our archaic part. Also for the fundamental function of water. We are the cog of our own life, like toothed wheels, where one’s edges perfectly matches the other’s voids, welcoming in perfect joints.

A pure figure, a circular physiognomy, a stylistic innovation that testifies to a physical and emotional bond. The bathroom is a place to relax after a stressful day or to spend some time before leaving the house. Regeneration, transformation, make-up, for a woman the bathroom is a bond of belonging and complicity, a space that favors the encounter between body and mind, where the emotional and spiritual spheres dialogue. The Gessi Anello collection has a feminine soul and speaks of harmony, love and fidelity, drawing inspiration from the shape of the circle which is a symbol of perfection, infinity, eternity. Ring is designed as a jewel of “haute” goldsmith.

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