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Bathing with Art
Sanitary Ware, Washbasins & Bathtubs Strappo integrated corian sink by antoniolupi Italian bathroom furnishings sanitary ware APP by Flaminia Introverso Carrara marble sink by antoniolupi Reflex bathtubs by antoniolupi Aura and Astro freestanding sinks by antoniolupi Bathroom Vanity Unit Systems Wave and Wall Italian bath contemporary collections by Casabath Bespoke by AntonioLupi: Italian bathroom vanity units Unico by Rexa: a material for limitless forms Stockholm bathroom furnishings by Casabath C28 bathroom design collection by Casabath Binario 12 bathroom collection of furniture by antoniolupi Moode bathroom systems by Rexa Design Compact Living by Rexa Design Italian bath collection Blade by Modulnova Rigo System by Patricia Urquiola: Synthesis and Modularity made to measure Fine Faucets and Fixtures Stainless steel faucet Lutezia by Cea Gessi 316: furnishings with character and style Giotto faucet range in stainless steel | Cea Design Opus stainless steel faucet by Cea Design Anello and Ingranaggio by Gessi: a game of interlocking mechanics Nostromo Italian modern washbasin mixer by Fantini East Side contemporary collection by Cristina Rubinetterie Rota fine faucets and fixtures by Cristina Rubinetterie Regolo Italian faucet for washbasin, shower, bathtub Italian modern fixtures Inciso collection by Gessi Ziqq by Cea is an Italian faucet range in stainless steel Icona Italian washbasin mixers by Fantini Cross by Cea Design faucet range in stainless steel Knob Tank 5 ways diverter by antoniolupi Origini Italian fine faucets and fixtures by Gessi Meteo water and light showerhead by antoniolupi Azimut showerhead in stainless steel by antoniolupi Italian shower heads Ghost by antoniolupi
Porcelain Stoneware Surfaces Déchirer porcelain stoneware by Mutina Pico natural and refined finishing, for indoors and outdoors Matrice by Florim: an atlas of modular signs Intarsi: glazed porcelain stoneware Form by Ceramica Sant'Agostino porcelain stoneware surface Archeologie battered surfaces, stripped fresco look Azulej captivating porcelain tile collection by Mutina Phenomenon porcelain stoneware mosaic tiles by Mutina Chimera: a combination of initially incongruous parts Flexible Architecture porcelain stoneware tiles Celosia artisanal extruded partition elements Policroma linear and curvilinear: the architecture of archetypal forms Mattonelle Margherita porcelain tiles by Mutina Tesori: signs, decors and visual patterns from different cultures Rombini by Mutina: tiles, mosaics and relief elements Folded by Mutina: homogeneous porcelain stoneware Ceramica Sant'Agostino Fabric tiles porcelain stoneware collection Insideart: resin effect tiles in porcelain stoneware Araldica iconic geometrical compositions by Florim Cotto Floor Tiles Cotto Zero Italian contemporary Terracotta by Ramazzotti Terre Ossidate Terracotta by Cotto Etrusco Cotto Zero Ventilato: elegant surface, smooth and silky Cotto Zero Pietrame Stones: very contemporary and elegant Italian Glazes by Cotto Etrusco Cotto Zero Variegato, combined with light shades of white, taupe and blue Cotto Zero Sciruss... inspired by musical compositions Majolica Tiles Moresco majolica tile handmade by Danilo Ramazzotti Antico Colore majolica by Danilo Ramazzotti Amo hand-made majolica that tells the emotion of the sea Colori d'Ombra Italian majolica: refined contemporary home Italian handmade majolica Intonaco by Ramazzotti Inchiostro Simpatico Italian luxury majolica tiles Cocci del Riale Italian luxury majolica Impressioni handmade Italian luxury majolica Fusion Batllò intense, colourful ceramic majolica
Stone & Marble
Marble Granule Floors Modulo graniglia marble granule floor by Mipa XXL Seeds and Slabs granule marble collections by Mipa Cuba decorative patterns mirroring the Cuban decorative tradition Puerto Rico collection by Mipa: marble graniglia tiles for floors and wall coverings Natural Stone Furnishing Balnea natural stone collection by Salvatori Anima natural stone collection by Salvatori Adda by Salvatori: a retro-contemporary collection Natural Stone Parquet by Salvatori
Wood & Metal
Exclusive Wallpaper Marni Italian wallpaper collection by Londonart Wet System is the Wall&decò waterproof wallpaper Dress Me wall finishing solution Pleiadi by Gallotti & Radice: design acoustic wallcovering Material Bank is the wallcoverings project by Styl'editions CO.DE Italian high quality wallcoverings by Jannelli & Volpi Parquet Wood Flooring Di Valore wooden floor by Salis: the privilege of the uniqueness Discordia wooden flooring by Salis Pangea Italian wood floor by Salis Officina 107 oak wood floor by Salis Wooden Surfaces Wood-skin creates smooth 3D surfaces Aluminium Surfaces Hexagon top-quality anodized aluminium Aluminium oxidized and brushed surfaces Eclettica Aged and wax-polished decoloured aluminium Orizzonti
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