Why should I buy from La Mercanti USA?

Because we have been dealing with Italian luxury furnishings for over 20 years.
La Mercanti always has its best foot forward when designing your premier source for any bathroom, kitchen, and decor project. We’ve partnered with each of best Italian brands to give you access to only the finest designs. Stay tuned and glean some inspiration with help from La Mercanti and make your office interior dreams come true! What is firmer than the clay, clearer than the water it is kneaded with, more powerful than the fire in its kiln, more real than the colour that embellishes it? These are the materials our brand partners work with and handle on a daily basis, as both raw materials and in their manufacturing processes. Of course they have been developed, but have remained close to their millennia-old roots, ennobled and transformed into products of great aesthetic and clear functional value.

7 Reasons for choosing LuxuryItalianTiles.com:

  • you like made in Italy fine faucets and fixtures
  • you appreciate exclusive Italian Brands
  • you insist on working with Italian Interior Designers
  • you would like to choose among the latest Italian-made tile & stone coverings
  • you wish to buy directly from Italy, at affordable prices
  • you want Italian furnishings for your interiors
  • you love everything Beautiful

La Mercanti boasts…

  • 2.000 completed Projects
  • 102 italian Brands represented
  • … the most famous international Designers
  • … the professional service of a 9 specialist team
  • … more than 20 years Experience in the field

What you will miss when the project is over:

  • the impeccable Taste of Emanuela
  • the Extra Discount from Mirco
  • the non-stop Avalability of Antonio
  • the reassuring Voice of Silvia T.
  • the Calmness of Laura
  • the creative Punctuality of Raffaella
  • the organized Chaos of Andrea B.
  • the Perfectionism of Marco
  • the Determination of Silvia C.
  • the Expertise of Giulia
  • the Skills of Donato

La Mercanti Italy offers a professional single–point-of-contact to our customers and works with you to identify, implement and execute comprehensive Interior Design solutions, at affordable prices.
We offer you a perfect way to embrace the art of the beautiful… Located on the web, our main virtual studio is where architectural plans are discussed, products are selected and ideas come to life.

Our design consultants are integral to the process. Through a deep understanding of the project and your needs, we present only a few products that speak to your lifestyle and sensibilities.
More than 2.500 completed projects, 112 Italian brands represented: we have earned your trust.

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