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Origini Italian fine faucets and fixtures by Gessi

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Origini is born from the aspiration to seek form in their purest and most original dimension to express a new way of conceiving well-being. The flowing of water in its most natural representation connects us with our inner, instinctive part. A soft and fluid sign, without solution of continuity, characterises iconic and solid forms. The symbolic reference to the formal archetype generates creations that express beauty and emotion.

Design, combined with material and colour, satisfies an emotional need. The new spaces are designed according to immaterial values such as air and water quality, silence, privacy and are finally tailored to emotions. Colour is the emblem of this transition, from the material to the immaterial, from the objective to the subjective sphere. With the Origini collection, Gessi explores the new emotional dimension of colour that places the person at the centre, and proposes decorative elements that combined together allow you to create, in absolute freedom, scenarios where you can finally feel like the protagonist of your own space.

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