Italian porcelain stoneware surfaces: stone tiles in technical ceramic

Araldica iconic geometrical compositions by Florim

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Conceived as the outcome of a process of artistic invention, the Araldica collection arises from a mélange of stimuli. On the vast scale of large ceramic wall covering slabs, Pepe’s visual textures acquire the hypnotic, fascinating configuration of a variegated mixture of colours, inspired by those of traditional marbled papers. Used mainly in publishing or, more specifically, artistic bookbinding, these papers are produced using a very old decorative technique, in which a vast number of “clots” of colour emulate the infinite vein and dappling patterns of the surface of marble.

On these extrovert, high-impact backgrounds, some of Pepe’s designs juxtapose two different graphic linear motifs, geometrically centred on the slab: a “coat-ofarms” – a crest rather like a composite shield, alluding to the imagery of heraldry – and an “hourglass” shape, consisting of two opposing isosceles triangles.

These geometric forms are repeated on the different marbled backgrounds in a pattern that recalls the exquisite techniques of marble inlay, generating an intriguing carousel of allusive visual perceptions. As its creator intends, the resulting product has an extreme graphic impact, referencing the topic of a disordered sense of sight – including hallucination – to evolve a ceramic collection with absolute originality of expression.

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