Italian porcelain stoneware surfaces: stone tiles in technical ceramic

Ceramica Sant'Agostino Fabric tiles porcelain stoneware collection

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The “tailoring” of Ceramica Sant’Agostino is completed with Fineart, one more innovative fabric effect porcelain collection, made with the ultimate generation of digital printing technique and a light three-dimensional structure. The fine texture, the soft tones and delicate melange, the small sizes such as the 20x20 - 8"x8", the sophisticated and moderate decorations, give this collection an elegant and reassuring flavor, with a sophisticated and versatile design that is tailormade to any domestic space, as well as to all the solutions in the small business area, including, in particular, hotellerie and retail.

Set is a true fusion of different materials - cement: Set CONCRETE; cementfabric: Set DRESS and Set TARTAN; cement with marble: Set GEM; paint: Set WALL; wood: METROWOOD; decoration: METROSIGNS - that intersect to join up one to the other and give life to small ceramic masterpieces.

The Tailorart collection: the structured ceramic surface combined also with the three-dimensional madras texture, to get a porcelain stoneware, available in soft and neutral shades, meets the world of fashion with harmony, aesthetic refinement and stylistic exclusivity.

In line with the strong ability to set trends, Digitalart collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, bursts into the world of fashion using the artistic graphics of tissue and defining a new ornamental code for the most advanced ceramic material. Digitalart does not limit to translating the style of texture but interprets it artistically through a graphic key, with a chromatic movement of empty and full, alternated through visual sequences that become a language.

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