Italian porcelain stoneware surfaces: stone tiles in technical ceramic

Policroma linear and curvilinear: the architecture of archetypal forms

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Recurring geometries, combinations of figures: Policroma by Cedit Florim. Marble and marmorino plaster: comparison and dialogue.

The collection’s repertoire of large slabs features motifs inspired by two separate sources: on the one hand the exquisite, always surprising vein texture of some specific metamorphic rocks, and on the other the sophisticated colours of Marmorino plaster. In spite of their different natures, these two materials are embedded in the culture of Italian architecture.

A rounded arch is then used to offer suggestions for combining the two decors in the same ceramic covering, which becomes a marvellous inlaid area for use alongside other, similar slabs to generate a rich web of figurative weaves and possible two-dimensional patterns, each with its own specific visual impact.

The collection is completed by a linear listello tile with the motif of a sequence of vertical rectangular blocks, which can be combined with the slabs to further enrich compositions involving continuous ceramic surfaces cladding.

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