Italian porcelain stoneware surfaces: stone tiles in technical ceramic

Tesori: signs, decors and visual patterns from different cultures

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The relationship with the “other” or the “unfamiliar” can still be described as an attempt at dialogue of particular intensity; the invaluable contact with the exotic - meaning the geographically or even only conceptually remote - generates unexpected hybrids of language and meaning that can enrich a culture’s heritage, subjecting it to a continual re-examination of its contents, which generally implies a positive attitude to change.

The Tesori project is the outcome of in-depth analysis of the meaning of “exoticism”, conducted through the study of a small code of visual signs with associations to a specific cultural thought, correlated to a fascination with the symbols and decorative motifs of the past, to be recovered and brought up to date using a more contemporary vocabulary. The title of the collection conceived and created for Cedit reflects the importance of discovery, always deriving from the idea of travel.

And it is in travel that Nunziati seeks the main inspiration for his design theme, in the contact with different cultures and visions, opting for a convergence of multiple styles and sensitivities, and inspirations drawn from places encountered during geographical pilgrimages and explorations. Specifically, the Orient, with all its visual and aesthetic connotations, is the repertoire that provides the images for his design project. The Tesori series features the consistencies of damask fabrics and fine linens, or glimpses of the “mashrabiya”, the inlaid grated wooden windows with their complex patterns that decorate Arab palaces and homes.

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