Marble granule floors and cladding for unprecedented solutions and feelings

XXL Seeds and Slabs granule marble collections by Mipa

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The name of the Seeds collection, “semi” in Italian, is intended to pay homage to the tradition of Seminato, an ancient Italian technique from which contemporary Terrazzo originated. As the word itself suggests, the technique consisted in spreading the marble fragments on the still fresh mortar. The gesture made in the act of sowing has an ancestral meaning in itself: we owe our evolution to nature, which has taught us this. The poetic image of the traveling seed, at the mercy of the wind and the sea, landing on beaches in unknown lands ready to germinate to give birth to a new plant, is the great metaphor that Mipa wants to use to communicate the urgency and the need to imagine a future made of care, recovery of emotions and enhancement of simple gestures. Seeds is a call to the origins. The colour that distinguishes the entire collection is that of sand. A single background colour, warm, on which the marble fragments rest in the eight colours that make up the palette with a sophisticated aesthetic result.

Slabs is an interior design trend that rereads and puts a spotlight on marble terrazzo surfaces, adding a contemporary touch to these eco-friendly materials that create arrays of highly decorative surfaces. The big size opens new prospects and is flexible enough to play with ever-new facings. Terrazzo takes on new technical properties and sets a new trend, defying any restriction to creativity. Marble, with its colours, embodies the elegant harmony of nature and encompasses the skilful heritage of the world. Dyed cement and chips are blended to let creativity run wild.

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